Boncafé at Restaurant & Bar 6-8/9/2016


Boncafé (Hong Kong) exhibited the first time in Restaurant & Bar after the acquisition by the worldwide corporation, Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group, from 6th to 8th Sep 2016 in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. We have presented our latest Segafredo coffee blend “Massimo” and the Boncafé coffee blend “Gourmet Collection - Mocca”. More than 300 cups of coffee were served to the visitors from food service industry during the show. Our latest coffee machines from Segafredo Coffee System, La San Marco, Egro & Saeco and also the US best consumer syrup brand, Torani were displayed in the show. We have received many sales enquiries and we expected to obtain morevaluable clients and go towards to our future success in Hong Kong market.






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